Ethical. Sustainable. 100% Made in Canada.

Our Story


Founded in 2014, Rustic Pickle started out as a one-mama handmade shop. My hope was to create urban-inspired, trendsetting pieces to supplement  every child's wardrobe.


Fast forward to 2017 and Rustic PIckle's demand  exceeded my expectations (and my ability to sew it all). It was time for me to find another alternative and take the next step. Taking the next steps though and maintaining the roots of RP was my main focus - we needed to continue producing ethically made quality items.


The companies I use are all Canadian compliant, follow ethical standards, environmentally sustainable and made with love in the city of Toronto, Canada! I am extremely proud that all of our items are ethically made with eco-friendly dyes and 100% made in Canada.


Thank you for believing in quality clothing and unique design. And more importantly, thank you for believing in me.  






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